External Coordinator

Hive Cafe External Coordinator
Wage: $17.00 / hour
Duration: 1 year contract
Sept 15 – May 15: 17-20 hrs / week (may incur additional hours)
May 15 – Sept 15: 5 hrs / week (varies pending event schedule)


Deadline to apply: Sept 12, by 5pm
Interview Dates: Sept 13-14
Start Date: September 15 2018


To apply, please fill out this google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScihwns478VRkJ-lwe2p45k1RGlqajbzSa1BbARF4rfNPCsPg/viewform?usp=sf_link


Any issues with the form, please email your application with a CV and Cover Letter to hivecafecoop@gmail.com



  • Cultivate and maintain communications with clients (users) and partners
  • Coordinate and manage email, forms and Google Calendar for events/catering.
  • Collaborate and liaise on behalf of clients (users) with other coordinators re:
    • Payroll and invoicing
    • Catering orders and delivery
    • Event requests and equipment
    • Marketing and Engagement
    • Menu development
  • Liaise with the Concordia Student Union, Security, Hospitality, and Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Ensure that all applicable Concordia University and Hive hospitality and event policies are followed (including insurance).
  • Ensure all required forms are signed and returned within university deadlines.
  • Forward all signed documents to Concordia Security’s Event Analysis.
  • Bottomline Event Supervision Schedule; coordinate worker members to supervise the events; or fill-in if necessary (different wage)
  • Use existing policy to oversee human resources, including recruitment, training, providing feedback performance, and ongoing development as well as keep operations manual up to date – with regards to Events Supervision.
  • Maintain records of all events and deposit fees in accordance with Hive administrative guidelines.
  • Help establish, document and update procedures related to space bookings.
  • Generate quarterly Event reports for the Hive board of Directors, as well as an annual report for the Concordia Student Union
  • Receive, respond to and coordinate catering order requests
  • Manage catering equipment, including maintenance, purchasing and storage
  • Coordinate and bottomline order deliveries
  • Engage in community awareness initiatives and outreach as required;
    • interact with cooperative members to regularly assess and evaluate the degree of community satisfaction;
    • recommend and implement new initiatives to keep up with demand and market changes
    • Collaborate with Marketing committee
  • Website and social media content maintenance
  • Support the Cafe & worker-members on the floor – one day per week
  • Shares expertise, mentors others, and fosters a climate of experiential learning, growth, and improvement, as well as ongoing personal and collective development.
  • Continues their own education/training as required to develop and acquire new skills in leadership, hospitality, and food issues.
  • Upholds and promotes the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of the café as outlined in the cooperative’s constitution
  • Ensures the financial viability of the Hive Cafe and work in collaboration with the BOD to ensure its financial sustainability.