Hive Free Lunch Program offers a free vegan, nut-free lunch every school day at the Loyola campus between 12:30 and 1:30 PM.

Located next to Hive Cafe Loyola, on the second floor of the SC
building, at 7141 Sherbrooke West, Hive Free Lunch aims to provide quality, nutritious food, while considering the social and environmental impact of the food we consume.

The Hive Cafe Co-op is able to provide this free lunch thanks to funding from the Concordia Student Union and an Arts and Science Faculty Fee Levy.

Cooking begins at 9:30 AM, and continues till service at 12:30 PM. Everyone works together to ensure the meal is delicious and on time! Volunteers help with everything from prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. We start prep for the following day while the meal is being served, in order to be able to start cooking first thing the next morning.

Hive Free Lunch provides a unique opportunity to foster a sense of community around food. Everyone works hard to develop an anti-oppressive environment, creating a safer space to share and learn cooking skills together.

The kitchen we prepare Hive free lunch is not an allergen-free kitchen, while we try to keep a close eye on potential allergens, and cook with these things in mind, when we state that a particular meal is wheat-free, peanut-free, nut-free, or diary-free, etc… it means we did not actively use any of these ingredients, and we tried to keep these ingredients as far away as possible from the meal, but we cannot guarantee that a meal is completely free of any particular allergen. But we do our best!

If you have an allergy please speak with the cooks or volunteers that helped prepare the meal!

Please note that while on Concordia University’s campus maps the SC building is listed as wheelchair accessible, only the ground floor is wheelchair accessible. We are located on the 2nd floor of the SC building, and there is no elevator. We recognize that this does not make up for the fact that the space is inaccessible, but if you would like to access free lunch, but are unable to due to the inaccessibility of this building, please contact us at hivefreelunch@gmail.com, and we will arrange food to be brought to the entrance of the SC building for you.

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Free Lunch Coordinators at hivefreelunch@gmail.com.

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