What is the Hive Free Lunch?

Did you know that 40% of Canadian students are food-insecure? The HFL aims to alleviate this issue by producing a FREE vegan lunch every day for the Concordia community on Loyola campus. They serve an average of 250 meals per day, as well as running the bi-annual free grocery program, hosting a community fridge, and giving out free non-perishable groceries on a regular basis. The HFL helps students facing food insecurity so students can fuel their brains while they learn!

Why increase the fee levy?

Why do we want to increase the fee levy? We have never increased our fee levy, and now we want to expand our program to create a Hive Free BREAKFAST! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet, most students skip this meal. If we get our fee levy increased, we will be able to serve a FREE vegan breakfast, five days a week. The Hive Free Breakfast will allow everyone to get a free breakfast and help the fight against food insecurity!

What can you expect if it passes?

What can you expect if you vote YES to the fee levy increase? Starting in the fall semester of 2023, the Hive Free Lunch will expand to include a Hive Free Breakfast! The increased funding will directly cover the cost of food, labour costs, and equipment repairs. The breakfast will be made in-house, vegan, healthy, and fresh!

How to vote

How to vote: you will receive an email from ASFA with a link to a voting page! Voting period is March 21st-23rd.