Hive Dispatcher (Delivery Driver)

Hive Cafe Food Dispatcher (Delivery Driver)


Hours: 6-8 hours / week

Schedule: Monday, & Wednesday mornings (early A.M.), with potential for occasional other deliveries 

Contract Dates: September 1st – May 1st 2019

Location: Concordia University

Driving Route: Hive Production Kitchen → Loyola Cafe 

Deadline to apply: Friday August 23rd, 2019 

Salary : $70 PER DELIVERY





Mission of Hive Café Co-op

The mission of the Hive Cafe Co-op is to be a model food system at Concordia University that provides food through sustainable practices and empowers the student community.


General description:

The roles of this position are to transport containers of prepared food from the Hive Cafe’s Production Kitchen (located on the 7th floor of the Hall Building) to the Loyola Hive and the downtown Hive locations, as well as return the containers to both the Loyola Hive as well as the Hive Production Kitchen.

Hive Dispatcher Responsibilities:
Complete the delivery of goods to both Hive locations with the assistance of a Kitchen Production worker member/coordinator.

Ensuring the clean, consolidated and timely return of containers and other necessary items, such as food to return to their fridges, to the Hive Production Kitchen.


Position Qualifications: 

Valid Driver’s Licence with no moving violations. 

Safe and operable vehicle.

Organization and cleanliness as priority

Great communication skills.


To apply send a CV & Cover Letter to by Wednesday December 13th at 5pm.