As we launch into a big second year, we want to thank all of our members, users and the whole Concordia community for a great first year! 

We are open starting the first day of classes at the Loyola Hive location, and at a temporary kiosk (the “Petite Hive”) out front of our downtown location. We appreciate everyone’s patience, and we will be working hard to provide as much service as possible for the downtown community from our temporary location. Coffee, tea, and pastries are available at the Petite Hive kiosk, and our new food items are available at the Loyola Hive! And, of course, we will be giving out our delicious free vegan/vegetarian lunch every weekday at our Loyola location on the top floor of the Student Centre building, starting September 14th!

Over the summer we prepared an additional point of sale to increase the speed of our service at the downtown location, re-vamped our menu, and welcomed talented new worker-members. We are also in on-going negotiations with the university to access the kitchen space on the 7th floor of the Hall building, or comparable space, so that we can help save the community money, expand  our services, and increase our presence within the campus food-system. 

We are excited to welcome everyone to our new space once the construction is complete, and for another great year. 

Thanks again for all of your support, input, and for using our service. Our space is your space, so if you have a great idea or want to get more involved please don’t hesitate to contact us at with GET INVOLVED in the subject line!

Be sure to sign up for a membership at the Loyola Hive and at the Petite Hive kiosk! It’s $5 (refundable when you are no longer a member) and you get a discount at the Hive, a vote, and other perks!

Stoked for another great year!


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