The Hive Cafe Co-op is happy to be on the “approved caterers list” at Concordia University. The Hive strives to provide sustainable food that is affordable and delicious. Check out our full catering menu below!
Please be aware, To ensure your order is processed, please submit your catering request a minimum of 7 days in advance of your event. If you have any questions please contact us at

Please note late fees are applicable at 10% per week.
$50 deposit required, payable by cash, cheque, or budget code. The deposit is refundable upon return of all undamaged equipment and supplies.

Catering orders whose total sum (excluding deposit) is under $50 are only payable on pickup (cash, cheque, card or e-transfer). Catering orders whose total sum is over $50 are payable within 15 days of pickup (cash, cheque, card or e-transfer).


All of our catering options  are vegetarian or vegan, with an emphasis on local, organic and ethical sourcing. Check out our Procurement Policy and Sourcing Map to learn more

All prices below are Member prices at a 10% Discount

All prices are tax included


For dish rental check Zero Waste Events at Concordia.


*all items are vegetarian 

| WF | = wheat free I SUL I = contains sulphites
| SF | = sugar free | N | = contains nuts
| V | = vegan | S | = contains seeds (or seed oils) 
l SOY l = contains soy products | O | = organic

Farmhouse Kale Caesar Salad

| V | O | wf | S | SOY |

CultivAction greens tossed with red onion, grated carrot, mixed seed parmesan & chickpea croutons, finished with our classic house caesar dressing.

$  6.25 per salad or

 $58.00 large format (serves 10)


Rainbow Cabbage Slaw

| V | O | wf | S |

Mixed cabbage with grated carrot, red & green onions, finished with cranberries & a delightful grainy mustard vinaigrette.

 $ 4.25 per salad, or

$40.00 large format (serves 10)

Focaccia Tableau

| O |

Fresh, hyper-local, in-season veggies & herbs atop our fluffy focaccia bread, served with fragrant spinach pesto or earthy hummus.  Can be made with or without cheese.

$50.00 or $60.00 (with cheese) serves 10


Veggie Pate Wrap

 I V I S I 

Seed-based veggie pate loaded with seasonal veggies, CultivAction micro-greens and aromatic spinach pesto all bundled up in authentic whole-wheat tortillas.

$4.25 per piece

$40.00 large format | serves 10


Full-Belly Platter

Assortment of focaccia & seasonal veggie pate wraps.

$88.00 | serves 20


Crudité Platter

| V | WF | O | S | SOY |

A variety of local & hyper-locally grown veggies with our homemade hummus.

35.00 | serves 10


Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies

| V I SOY I S | 

Homestyle chocolate chip cookies with a surprising hint of rosemary.

$3.00 per piece

$28.00 large format | serves 10


Hive Brownies

| V |

Decadent and fudgy, a true Hive classic.

$2.50 per piece

$22.50 large format | serves 10


Hive Coffee Cake

| V | SOY |

Our signature bundt cake, flavours inspired by the season.



Hive Munchie Mix

An assorted platter of Hive signature treats – pairs perfectly with a Coffee Break Caddy!

$18.00 | serves 8


We are proud to serve products from local, sustainable and fair trade businesses. 

Cafe Rico Coffee | Friendship Organics Tea | Cactus Kombucha | Mateina | Mate Libre

Coffee Break Caddy (single)

1 – 64oz carafe of coffee or hot water for tea (2 varieties)

Milk & sugar accompaniments + cups & napkins 

serves 8



Coffee Break Caddy (double)

2 – 64oz carafe of coffee or hot water for tea (2 varieties)

Milk & sugar accompaniments + cups & napkins 

serves 16


Cactus Kombucha 

$4.15 per can


Mate Libre/Mateina

$3.00 per can 


Mix ‘n’ Match pack (8) for $28.00

Contact us to learn more about the flavours we carry 

Stay tuned for our in-house made drinks


Large Format Hot Drinks:

Friendship Organics Tea

Full 20 tea bags (2 varieties) + 1 hot water dispenser 

Milk & sugar accompaniments + cups & napkins 

serves 20


Cafe Rico Coffee

Large Carafe available at SGW location 1 coffee carafe (40 capacity)

 Milk & sugar accompaniments + cups & napkins 

serves 40