At the Hive Café Solidarity Co-operative, sustainability is embedded in the core of the organization’s vision, mission, and values . This student-run co-operative addresses sustainability not only through small meaningful conscientious initiatives, but by providing an alternative food option that addresses sustainability at a systemic level. The economic and social structures that govern our world are often oppressive and non-inclusive of it’s constituents. At the Hive Café Co-op we strive to provide an alternative to these structures. The Hive Café Co-op embraces the three pillars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) in the following ways.

Ways we are socially sustainable:

  • We are a Solidarity Co-operative and thus our User Members, Worker Members, and Support Members all have representation on our Board of Directors;
  • All Co-op members have an equal vote at our Annual General Assemblies; one member one vote;
  • We strive to create a non-hierarchical culture and empower the worker members to have a say and representation on the operations of the Hive Cafe Co-op through worker member meetings;
  • We work in collaboration with other sustainable food groups on campus and community organizations;
    provide the Hive Free Lunch (Loyola) which is a daily vegan meal served between 12:30pm -1:30pm.
  • We do not work or buy products from organizations that are socially irresponsible, oppressive, racist, sexist, classist, but rather work with organizations that are in line with our values through the use of our Procurement Policy.

Ways we are environmentally sustainable:

  • We strive to purchase produce and products that are healthy, locally produced, organic and seasonal when possible;
  • We purchase compostable disposable items;
  • We compost and recycle to lower our landfill waste output;
  • We minimize our food waste as much as possible, by using our food scrapes for other products;
  • We incentivize people who bring their own mugs, containers and cutlery;
  • We do not collaborate with suppliers who are environmentally exploitative.

Ways we are economically sustainable:

  • We abide by fair labour practices;
  • We reevaluate our prices to ensure we are providing responsible products at an affordable price;
  • We reinvest our surplus back into the organization;
  • We are financially self-sustaining.