The Hive Cafe is a Solidarity Co-op. This means that members of the co-operative are in fact its shareholders, and act as the highest decision making body of the Co-op. Members also receive discount membership pricing on all items in the Cafe!

Want to become a member? Come see us at either cafe locations and follow these simple steps;

  • Fill out the quick and easy membership form
  • Pay the $10 dollar lifetime membership fee
  • Receive your membership card and ID number

You then become a Hive Cafe Co-op member, and have access to membership pricing, as well as the ability to participate in the democratic functioning of the Co-op. This includes yearly annual general assemblies, special general assemblies as well as Board member elections. You also get to receive the Hive cafe newsletter, where you hear about all the great events happening on campus as well as the delicious specials the Cafe has to offer.

Please note the lifetime membership fee is $10 dollars. If an existing member chooses to no longer be a member they will be reimbursed the value they contributed and give back their membership card.