Solidarity Food Movement

The Hive first paired together with the Solidarity Food Movement as a trial initiative in January 2017, a year and a half later the initiative continues to provide students and the community access to food during times of need.

The Solidarity Food Movement is a pay-it-forward food initiative where you can purchase food items in advance for other members of the community to request later. This initiative was inspired by the suspended/pending food concept to help provide an outlet for people to help fill other people’s bellies while you are filling up yours. The Hive was the first location to take part in this movement. 

All members of the community can request the solidarity food items at either of our locations. Come in to see which items are currently available. 


Concordia Food Coalition

The Concordia Food Coalition (CFC) is concerned about the economic, ecological, and social implications of the food system at Concordia University. The CFC brings together students, faculty and staff to promote and facilitate a transition to a more sustainable food system in collaboration with organizations at Concordia and beyond.

The CFC envisions a community food system at Concordia University that is:

  • outside of the pursuit of private financial profit
  • constituted and grounded in inclusivity & cooperation (not hierarchy & competition)
  • structured in a way that innovates on successful alternative models
  • committed to being affordable, nutritious, and sensitive to cultural needs
  • approaches food sovereignty/security from a critical perspective
  • built to apply and integrate research in urban farming techniques, and other parts of the food-cycle

Head to their website to learn more!


The Socialist Economy Incubation Zone (SEIZE) is a member-based democratic organization and network. Their goal is to advance the work of replacing capitalism with an economic system that affirms the web of life and upholds human dignity and freedom within it. In short, SEIZE is working to build the capacity for a socialist economy. The Hive and SEIZE are both solidarity cooperatives and they are reciprocal support members of each other.

In broad terms, replacing capitalism with a socialist economy means:

  • building a culture of economic cooperation and sustainable practices,
  • actively restructuring our institutions, trade, and businesses at every level.
  • moving from relationships of exploitation to relationships of solidarity

Head to their website to learn more!